Custom Pin Care: 5 Practical Tips When Packaging Custom Pins

Custom pins are small pieces of metal or plastic that come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. They are often used to promote certain brands, organizations, or events, though they can also indicate membership to specific groups. Custom pins may be made of various materials, including brass, copper, zinc alloy, or iron. They can be created through various processes, such as die-casting, stamping, or photo etching, and these pins are typically produced in large quantities and shipped in bulk to their final destinations.

Shipping custom pins can be tricky, as the pins may be damaged in transit if not packaged properly. Unlike other products that can be shipped in standard boxes, custom pins require special packaging to ensure they arrive at their destination in good condition. A common challenge with shipping custom pins is protecting them from scratches or other damage during transit. Usually, the best packaging materials are enough to protect the pin’s surface and prevent it from becoming scratched or dented. However, the transport is still unpredictable since they will be out of your hands, so there’s no way to know for sure. The last thing you want to do is receive an angry call from your client saying some pins are damaged.

To help you with this, here are some tips when packaging custom pins for shipping:

#1 – Protect the Pin’s Surface

The surface of the pin is the most vulnerable part of the pin, and it’s essential to protect it from scratches, dents, or other damage during transit. A sheet of plastic or cellophane is enough to protect the surface of the pin from minor scratches, but if you want to ensure maximum protection, bubble wrap is the way to go. Bubble wrap provides an extra layer of cushioning that can help prevent damage to the pin during transit.

#2 – Use Flat Mailers Instead of Bubble Mailers

While bubble mailers are commonly used for shipping small items, they are not always the best option for custom pins. Bubble mailers can be bulky and take up a lot of space, which can increase shipping costs. Additionally, bubble mailers can be easily crushed or punctured, which can lead to damage to the pins inside. Flat mailers are a better option, as they are less bulky and provide a more secure way to ship custom pins.

Flat mailers are also less likely to get caught in postal sorting machines, which can cause damage to the pins inside. They are also easier to store and stack, saving space in your shipping area. However, you must use a sturdy, corrugated cardboard mailer that is the appropriate size for your pins to provide the best protection during transit.

#3 – Add Package Inserts

Package inserts are extra materials you include in your package with the custom pins. They can be used to add a personal touch, provide information about your brand or products, or even offer discounts or promotions to encourage repeat business.

For example, include a thank-you note or a business card with your contact information. You could also include a brochure or flyer detailing your other products or services. Additionally, you could offer a discount code or promotion for customers who purchase from you again in the future. Package inserts not only add value to your customer’s experience, but they also help promote your brand and encourage repeat business. Remember to keep the inserts relevant and useful and avoid overwhelming your customers with too much information.

#4 – Add Cardstock Backing

Cardstock backing is another way to add extra protection to your custom pins during shipping. Cardstock is a thick, durable paper that provides extra cushioning and prevents damage to the pins inside. Cardstock backing can be cut to the same size as the pin, and the pin can be affixed to the cardstock using adhesive or a pin clutch. Cardstock backing can also be customized to match the design of your custom pins.

#5 – Consider Using Eco-Friendly Packaging Options

In today’s world, being mindful of our environmental impact is more important than ever. Consider using eco-friendly packaging options such as recycled materials or biodegradable plastics when packaging your custom pins. Not only will this help reduce your carbon footprint, but it can also appeal to environmentally conscious customers.


Packaging custom pins is often tricky, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. All it takes is ensuring the pins aren’t damaged, which can be achieved through proper cushioning and protection. This way, you can deliver high-quality pins to your customers that they will love and cherish.

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